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Re-establishment period

Re-establishment period

If a student fails to follow the PhD plan the supervisor has the possibility to initiate a reestablishment period. This is done by indicating the problems on a progress report or by contacting Helen Kjerstein Kristensen at the doctoral school directly.

When requesting a reestablishment period directly to the doctoral school, the following must be enclosed:

• A detailed argumentation as to why the student is underperforming and which changes that have been made to the PhD plan.
• A detailed plan for the three month re-establishment period. This should contain information regarding the changes and improvements that the PhD student should achieve in the three month period.

Once the doctoral school has received the request for re-establishment the PhD student is given a 14 day period to comment on the request by the supervisor. Following the 14 day period the PhD Study Director will decide whether or not a re-establishment period is initiated. 

Once the re-establishment period is over the PhD supervisor must assess whether or not the goals set out for the period are acheived. The student is again given a 14 day period to comment on the assessment made by the supervisor. On the basis of the supervisor's assessment and the comments, if any, made by the student, the PhD Study Director decides if the re-establishment period has been sucessfull. If so the PhD study continues. The three month period does not lead to an extension of the PhD study. If the period is not sucessfull the PhD student's enrollment in the doctoral school is terminated.

A PhD student is only eligible for one re-establishment period during the PhD study.

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