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Initial phases of the PhD study

Initial Phases of the PhD Study

When a PhD student is accepted for enrollment  at the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science it is crucial to the PhD study that the supervisor and PhD student allign their expectations towards eachother and the PhD study at hand. A missallignment here may lead to issues later on, issues that could have been avoided.

As a supervisor you must actively assist the student in completing the PhD plan that is due for submission no later than 2 months after the study is commenced. Download the PhD plan template here. Once the plan is ready for submission it is uploaded by the PhD student through PhD manager where the supervisor, followed by the head of program must approve the PhD plan. The same procedure is to be followed when the updated version is submitted, no later than 11 months after enrollment. Only the PhD study director can provide an extemption in relation to these timeframes.

Key elements to remember when initiating a PhD study: