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Finishing the PhD study

Finishing the PhD Study

As the PHD study near completion there are a several elements that is to be handled by the PhD student and the supervisor. To assist in relation to this process the doctoral school recommends that the supervisor and PhD student makes themselves familiar with these elements as soon as possible.

The following elements must be taken care of:

  • An assessment committee must be forwarded to the doctoral scool for approval - the thesis cannot be uploaded before the committee is approved. Guidelines (including checklist) in relation to the appointment of an assessment committee are found here.
  • The thesis is formatted according to the VBN guidelines.
  • Dissertations with affiliated papers (this can also account for monographs)  co-author statements is to be sent to the doctoral school for assessment. Once these are approved by the PhD study director the student is notified. 
  • A supervisor statement is to be sent to the doctoral school. Once this is done the student must be notified. By submitting this statement the supervisor acknowledges that the PhD study is completed satisfactory. All elements in the template must be filled out. An incomplete supervisor statement is subject to rejection.

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