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Appointing assessment committees

Information regarding the assessment committee


In connection with PhD dissertations at the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science, as a rule the below mentioned standards must be met by the members of the assessment committee:

  • Minimum educational level equalling Danish associate professor cf. the Ministerial Order no 1039 of August 27 2013 about the PhD education at the universities and certain higher artistic educational institutions.
  • Actively publishing within the research area concerning the dissertation, documented through publications in internationally acknowledged journals and conference proceedings with peer-review (within the last five years).
  • At least one external member must have experience with PhD supervision.
  • Diversity in the composition of external members is desirable, so that one main supervisor does not repeatedly use the same assessor.
  • When relevant for the PhD project it is possible to include a member of the assessment company from the industry.

Approval of an assessment committee

The following documents must be enclosed in one pdf file in searchable format when an assessment committee is forwarded to the PhD Board for approval:

1.CV incl. an updated list of publications for all three members. The CV must reflect the above mentioned standards. The publication list must be exhaustive for the last five years. CV and publication list must be in Scandinavian or English.

2.For Industrial PhD students a confirmation must be enclosed from the Department stating that § 27 of the Ministerial Order has been met (at least one of the members shall have company-relevant research experience within the relevant field).

3.The name of the PhD student's supervisor (and co-supervisor(s) if any) must be noted on the recommendation from the department.

4.The department must account for co-authorships within the last five years between members of the assessment committee and the supervisor/co-supervisor(s) respectively. In case of co-authorships within the last five years the department must submit a statement explaining why this does not constitute a conflict of interests.

Concerning competence to act the regular competence to act regulations apply cf. The Act on Public Administration §3-6. Special attention must be shown to the following:

  • Members of the assessment committee cannot be in an up-downwards management layer compared to the main supervisor (example 1: The Head of Department/Section Leader cannot be a member of an assessment committee for a PhD student in his or her own department/section. Example 2: If the supervisor is Head of Department, the members of the assessment committee cannot be recruited from the supervisor’s department.) NOTE: If it is not possible to find other academically competent persons to replace the disqualified members, a permission to participate in the assessment committee can be given by special argumentation.
  • It is not possible to be a member of an assessment committee if there are joint publications with the PhD student, or if any are in preparation.
  • As a rule it is not possible to serve as member of an assessment committee if there are a significant amount of joint publications with the supervisor or co-supervisor(s) if any.
  • If the PhD student or the main supervisor is fully or partly financed or has a sideline occupation at an external company, then assessors from the in question company cannot be used. This also includes subsidiary companies and branches in other locations.


The Department is responsible for appointing a qualified moderator. The PhD Study Director is responsible for approving the moderater. The following requirements must be met by the potential moderator:

  • Minimum educational level equalling Danish associate professor
  • Not associated with the research project in question

The chairman of the assessment committee may be appointed as moderator.

Inspiration for the moderator

The Danish version of the rules incl. excerpt from the Act on Public Administration.

Check list in connection with appointment of assessment committees.

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