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Recommended procedure

The Doctoral School of Engineering and Science recommends an ongoing discussion between the student and supervisor(s) in order to track the progress of the PhD study. In addition to the progress reports done every 6 months, the doctoral school suggests the following procedure:

The student gives an oral presentation for all supervisors (main- and co-supervisors).

The oral presentation secures that the supervisors are kept up to date with the status of the project. If deemed necessary, it is recommended that a revision of the updated study plan is elaborated. Such a revision will secure that both the student and the supervisor(s) deal with the new/altered study plan and deadlines in the project.

The evaluation of the project work is suggested to comprise the following;

  • 15-20 minutes presentation of the project work performed within the last 6 months
  • Are there any changes according to the study plan?
  • How does the student evaluate the work performed and the project in general?
  • In which courses has the PhD student participated?
  • The extent of working obligations performed by the PhD student? (Number of hrs. and types of working tasks)


  • The work performed by the PhD student
  • The future prospects of the project
  • Future course participation
  • Future working obligations
  • How should the supervisor and PhD student deal with unexpected circumstances introducing a delay in the project?
  • External/international collaboration. What has been established within the last 6 months? What should be done the next 6 months?

Evaluation of the supervisor-student collaboration

A meeting is suggested between the student and the main/ co-supervisor with whom the student is mostly in contact with, (or including all supervisors if one of the parties want this) where the methods of supervision and the collaboration are discussed.
If the supervisor or the PhD student wants it a 'third' party can be invited to lead the discussion. The below mentioned list indicates some of the points, that could serve as a base for the discussion.

Communication between the supervisor and the PhD student

How is communication established and maintained between the PhD student and the supervisor?
What does the student expect from the supervisor? And has that been fulfilled within the last 6 months?
What does the supervisor expect from the PhD student? And has that been fulfilled within the last 6 months?

Evaluation of meetings/contact during the last 6 months

  • Which type of communication has been performed? (e-mail, single questions, informal talk in the hall way, longer meetings with a planned agenda)
  • Has it been difficult to establish meetings/contact between the PhD student and the supervisor?
  • How was the structuring of the meetings?
  • How was the mutual orientation of the work during the period?
  • Which functions does the PhD student expect the supervisor to take on?
  • Which functions does the supervisor expect the PhD student to take on?

The supervisor and PhD student are encouraged to make a note on the most important decisions about the future collaboration between the two parties, and the future work of the PhD student.

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